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Date: April 28, 2005
No: 05-20

Children tour SSC on 35th anniversary of Earth Day

NATICK, Mass. -- Trees, animals, and a peek into the science and engineering that goes into individual Soldier equipment were all rolled into an active day for 109 children participating in the Bring Your Daughters and Sons to Work/Earth Day at the Soldier Systems Center April 22.

The combined event marking the 35th anniversary of Earth Day is sponsored annually by the Soldier Systems Center's (SSC) Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) as a way for employees to introduce their children to their workplace.

"The kids had a wonderful time," said Claudia Quigley, co-chair of the event. "We were able to add another group of children this year. Special thanks go to the detachment Soldiers, WISE team members and employees involved in the demonstrations."

The children were welcomed by the command and WISE at Hunter Auditorium to start the day.

They along with other employees and family members attended a tree planting by the Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (ARIEM) building. Several children scooped shovels full of dirt in planting a red maple to replace a dead tree. Free white cedar seedlings were then passed out to anybody who wanted one.

Earth Day activities continued in the Conference Center with an educational program with live animals from Roger Williams Zoo. A hedgehog, Honduran milk snake and American alligator were shown by a zoo staff member in multiple presentations.

WISE team members and Soldiers escorted 11 groups arranged by age to four of a possible 15 destinations for a 30-minute program. Quigley said every directorate and ARIEM was represented.

They learned a little about select SSC facilities, products and missions from basic science in the microscopy lab to end products of shelters and parachutes. Three groups were scheduled for the "Iraq" program, where Mike Acheson with Combat Feeding showed slides and souvenirs to help describe his deployment as a civilian to Iraq.

"It's a huge effort," Quigley said. "The reason it goes so smoothly is because we have all the help. Soldiers really help because they help connect why we are here."

By mid-afternoon, the entire group convened at Hunter Auditorium to wrap up the day with a slide show with music.

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