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Date: June 22, 2005
No: 05-30

Restroom renovations progressing

NATICK, Mass. -- Restrooms across the installation are getting updated under a nearly $2 million renovation project requested by the Soldier Systems Center commanding general, and the first ones are scheduled for completion in the next few weeks.

Most of the restrooms at the Soldier Systems Center have passed their golden anniversary without any major improvements, according to Praful Patel, civil engineer at Public Works in charge of the project, and could use freshening.

"The commander sees this project as a quality of life improvement for our employees," Praful said. "Our main goal is to renovate all the restrooms to modern standards that will retain their newness for years to come."

Of the 66 restrooms on the installation, 46 are scheduled for renovation. He said the remaining restrooms are expected to receive renovations when additional funding is available.

New standards were set for the restrooms under this project, such as solid surface countertops vs. Formica laminate, which often peeled to become unsightly and potentially dangerous because of sharp edges.

The extent of renovation spans from as little as a countertop replacement, new sinks and painting for restrooms improved in the past decade to a total gutting and start from the ground up, said Praful.

For the full renovation, many restrooms will get previously mentioned improvements as well as new doors with a wider entrance, a new tile floor, wall tiles with trim accents, toilets, urinals, partitions, plumbing fixtures, intake and exhaust fans and suspended ceiling with brighter fluorescent lights. Soap and paper towel dispensers, and toilet tissue holders are expected to also be replaced. Restrooms with existing showers will be updated.

Each restroom renovation is scheduled to take about five to six weeks, depending on the extent of the work, Praful said, and the work is being staggered to minimize inconvenience to employees. The project is planned to be finished in eight to 10 months.

Public Works has received some suggestions, such as installing toilet tissue holders at a more accessible height, and will consider others based on available funds, Praful said.

E-mail updates from Public Works will continue to be sent to the work force in order to keep everyone updated on the progress.

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