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Date: December 6, 2005
No: 05-53

Wilson Middle School Students tour SSC

NATICK, Mass. - The U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center's (SSC) Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program sponsored an installation tour for the Wilson Middle School on Nov. 29.

The middle school students had the opportunity to tour the Climatic Chambers, the Biomechanics Lab, the Fiber Plant, the Parachute Prototype shop, Superheated Liquid Injection Cogeneration Kitchen (SLICK), and various types of shelters as well as a chance to view a Comfort Clothing demonstration, Blown Film Extrusion (nanotechnology), a packaging demonstration, sensory evaluation, microscopy, chemical/biological protective clothing, as well as camouflage and night vision technology.

Kathy Evangelos, program integrator for the Combat Feeding Directorate, has been the main organizer of the tour for the past seven years.

"As scientists and engineers, I believe it's critical to share our knowledge and passion for what we do with students, like those who participated in this year's science and engineering field trip. Having the exposure to world-class, interesting science and technology, is a great thing for these students and I hope it will inspire them to consider going into the fields of science or engineering. The presenters are just great and really capture their interest. I truly enjoy this event each year and continue to receive great feedback from all participants at the SSC and from the students, teachers, and parents," noted Evangelos.

The students were broken up into several groups. Maj. Carlos Correia accompanied one group. While on the Quad, Correia pointed out the various shelters and containerized equipment and noted, "All the equipment you see here is important because it helps Soldiers survive."

Alex Schmidt, a mechanical engineer for the Combat Feeding Directorate, demonstrated the SLICK to students. Schmidt stated, "From my perspective, the reason we invite students to Natick is to expose them to careers in science and engineering. The actual project participants are demonstrating and talking about their in-development equipment. A student might never imagine themselves having such a job--and suddenly it becomes a reality."

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