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Date: September 21, 2001
No: 01-51

Town of Natick to get cleanup money

Natick, Mass. --- The Town of Natick will receive $3.1 million from the Army within 30 days to help pay for the use of the Springvale Water Treatment to clean groundwater contamination under and around the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center, locally known at Natick Labs.

The Record of Decision, a government cleanup decision document, was signed by the Environmental Protection Agency Sept. 20. The Department of the Army had signed it Aug. 31. The Town of Natick has submitted a public voucher today to the Defense Finance and Accounting Office for payment.

"We knew it would happen. It was just a matter of going through the process," said John McHugh, the installation's director of Environmental, Safety and Health Office. "Perseverance has paid off."

Without the Record of Decision, the Soldier Systems Center would have been required to build its own water treatment facility, which would have been located 2,000 feet from the Springvale plant. The Town of Natick, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, EPA, Soldier Systems Center and Department of the Army were all involved in the process.

"It was a good partnering situation where everyone benefited," McHugh said. "This was a smart move by the government. We are cleaning up the contamination and protecting the public health."

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