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Date: November 27, 2006
No: 06-46

Students get WISE

Wilson Middle School Students Wilson Middle School students take notes for an assignment during their tour of the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center in Natick, Mass. on Nov. 15. The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) group hosted the tour. "(Photo: Kathy Evangelos)
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NATICK, Mass. -- Over 200 7th-grade students and their teachers visited the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center (SSC) here on Nov. 15, 2006, as part of the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program.

The goal of the WISE program is to reach out to students in order to inspire them to become future scientists and engineers, said Kathy Evangelos, program integrator, Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) and coordinator for the program.

This was the 8th annual 'science and engineering' tour for the Wilson Middle School in Natick.

Lt. Col. John Dailey, NSRDEC, spoke about how the science and engineering done at SSC touches the lives of Warfighters throughout the world.

Various programs and technologies from the NSRDEC, U.S. Army Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) and Product Manager Force Sustainment Systems were showcased during the students' visit. Some of the areas included: environmental and human research testing in the Climatic Chambers, sensory evaluation of rations, atomic force microscopy, ballistic protection and the Force Provider program.

As their assignment, the students had to imitate reporters for a current science magazine, asking specific questions of the subject matter experts and taking extensive notes.

Both students and teachers commented that this visit was one of the best field trips and learning experiences they ever had.

Evangelos said, "This program is important because it gives the students an opportunity to see how scientists and engineers make a difference in the lives of our Warfighters. It also opens their minds to careers in fields they may have never thought of before."

Entering its 10th year, the WISE program has reached over 2500 students in the local community through visits such as this one, classroom lessons in local schools, and support for school-sponsored science fairs and career days.

"These children will be the inventors of future technology," Evangelos said,"…the scientists and engineers of tomorrow. It's important that we encourage that."

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