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Date: September 29, 2008
No: 08-33

Garrison employees recognized for their LSS achievements

Pictured left to right, Lt. Col. Kari Otto, garrison commander, Kate Ozpeynirci and Lynn Valcourt, Plans, Analysis and Integration Office, and Command Sgt. Maj. Mittie Smith, at presentation of LSS Green Belt certificates at the U.S. Army Garrison, Natick, Sept. 25. Col. Donald G. Drummer, deputy director, Northeast Region, U.S. Army Installation Management Command (not pictured), presented Ozpeynirci and Valcourt their official LSS Green Belt certification. (Photo by Richard Walunas.)

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NATICK, Mass. --   Col. Donald G. Drummer, deputy director, Northeast Region (NER), U.S. Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM) and NER's Lean Six Sigma (LSS) deployment director, visited the U.S. Army Garrison (USAG), Natick, on Sept. 25 to present two garrison employees their official LSS Green Belt certification.

Drummer presented the certificates to Kate Ozpeynirci and Lynn Valcourt, members of the Plans, Analysis, and Integration Office (PAIO). The certificate signifies a major step in the LSS hierarchy. It is awarded to LSS Green Belts who receive training, pass exams, complete a project and submit the paperwork describing the project and its value to Department of the Army IMCOM.

LSS is a process that creates value-added opportunities that we can capture to make a difference, said Drummer. He said he's seen many changes throughout his years in the Army, but emphasized that he's never seen any process that is as useful as LSS.

The presentation took place at the USAG, Natick's, Executive Quality Council Meeting. During the meeting, Ozpeynirci, Valcourt, and PAIO team member Walter Ulrich, a LSS Green Belt working his first project, highlighted their LSS projects, the impetus for them, and the results achieved.

Ozpeynirci's project, In and Out Processing of Employees, involved developing a formal process for new employees that allows them to complete necessary paperwork, mandatory training, and receive orientation briefings to help ease their transition into the federal government and installation. Previously, there was no formal orientation when new employees joined the USAG, Natick team, and new hires depended on co-workers to provide guidance and information.

Valcourt's project, PC Purchase, focused on developing a systematic four-year PC replacement policy while purchasing in bulk buys for standardization and compatibility.

"Each office was updating equipment on its own," she said, adding that there was no standard for the equipment being purchased.

Now, the USAG, Natick, has a defined time-line and standard in place monitored by the Directorate of Information Management that ensures quality equipment for all garrison employees.

Ulrich said his project, Physical Relocation, involves improving the process for moving offices and equipment on the installation. Ulrich said there was no formal guideline for people to move from one office to another. Employees in some offices moved their own furniture and equipment while other offices depended on contracts to get help to move.

The Physical Relocation LSS project's goal is to develop a process that people could follow.

Drummer recognized the need to have formal guidelines to ease the move process, since most employees move numerous times throughout their career.

He also encouraged Ozpeynirci, Valcourt, and Ulrich to share their improvements with other installations. He said that LSS helps us to work smart, and we need to pass on those processes to others so the Army can benefit from our improvements.

After presenting Ozpeynirci and Valcourt their LSS certificates, Drummer unveiled the newly minted director's coin developed by NER Director Russell B. Hall and the NER Command Sergeant Major. Both Ozpeynirci and Valcourt received a coin. Drummer then concluded his portion of the award ceremony by announcing that both will also be receiving special act awards including a cash payout.

Ozpeynirci, Valcourt, and Ulrich all praised the team effort and contributions of other members of the LSS project teams which resulted in better processes and quality of life for employees.

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