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USAG Natick SSC Housing Inventory

Housing assets consist of 78 housing units located in five separate housing areas located in four geographically separated local communities.  A map indicating locations of the housing areas is provided (Encl 1).

The Housing Services Office is located in Building 45, Room L-102.  Hours of operation are from 0800 hours to 1700 hours Monday through Friday (excluding federal holidays).  The housing office staff is available to assist you in locating housing within the beautiful Boston Metro-West area of the USA.  Here, you can receive important guidance and information regarding your housing options within the local community and government owned/operated military housing.

The Housing Operation consists of seventy eight government owned and operated dwelling units.  The dwelling units consist of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units.  The floor plans vary between 3 and 4 bedroom single family homes to 2, 3, and 4 bedroom townhouse and duplex style units.  The housing units are located in five separate housing areas located in four geographically separated local communities of Natick, Wayland, Needham, and Hudson, MA. 

Military Members or Military Family Members interested in assignment to government owned/operated military housing can visit the housing office at their current duty station.  The Housing Services Office at your current duty location can assist you in completing an advance application for housing.  Additionally, you can also contact the housing office staff at USAG Natick SSC by sending an e-mail to:

Please remember that all incoming Military Personnel are required to contact the housing office for counseling and guidance before entering into any agreement, written lease, or rental/sales contract for off-base housing.  Once you arrive at this location, it is important to visit the housing office as soon as possible for local area guidance related to your housing needs.  At your initial visit, you will be provided with information which may save you time, money, and possible future inconvenience.

USAG Natick SSC also offers government operated housing to civilian personnel assigned to USAG Natick SSC and tenant organizations.  This is done on a ‘space available’ basis and is limited to 2 and some (not all) 3 bedroom units.  Incoming civilian personnel are encouraged to contact the Housing Services Office well in advance of arrival.  Civilian personnel are advised that there is a three to eighteen month waiting list for civilian assignments to housing.

Military and civilian personnel can contact the Housing Services Office as follows:

Housing Services Office

Building 45, Room L-102

DSN:  256-5409/5216/4073

Commercial:  508-233-5409/5216/4073




Point of Contacts:

            Housing Office:                                                         508-233-5409/5216/4073

            Housing Email:                                               


DSN:  256-plus last four for all extensions listed above.




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